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that's me!

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about so meant to be

If you're looking for a personal, love-filled ceremony, I'm your girl.

I love working with creative couples - the ones who don't want the same ceremony that their friend had last spring. The ones who want cool music, who want their guests to laugh, and who have a sweet love story and aren't afraid to tell it.

I also love writing a customized ceremony - bringing in details of how you met, how you stayed in touch that year one of you was working abroad, how you spend your weekends, your hopes and goals for your marriage. Have a favorite quote? I love to work those in, too. Want me to write you the perfect wedding day haiku, too? I'm up for the challenge.

Does this sound like you? I'd love to meet you.

about Cayla

  • ordained since 2017 (got it to marry two of my oldest friends!)

  • my values: love is love, black lives matter, the future is inclusive, and kindness above all

  • chronic user of exclamation points

  • say I want to move to whatever new city I travel to

  • married since 2016 & mom to the world's cutest dogs

  • fully vaccinated against COVID-19 - I'll ensure a negative test before your wedding day :)

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