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  • How do we apply for a marriage license?
    You can apply in person for a Georgia marriage license in any county, even if you're getting married in another county. There is no waiting period, so you can get it as far in advance as you'd like. Your county's Probate Court website typically has all the details you need.
  • Do you perform non religious weddings/elopements/LGTBQ ceremonies/vow renewals, etc.?"
    Yes I do! Let's celebrate love in all its forms. Contact me to talk about your unique day and how I can help make your ceremony super fun and personal.
  • How are your ceremonies different than other officiants'?
    I'm in my early 30s, so I've been to my fair share of friends' weddings over the past ten years. I noticed that a lot of them talked about marriage as a *concept,* instead of what marriage means to *these two people.* I want to share how you two fell in love, why you decided to get married, and what the rest of your lives will look like together. It also helps that I really like writing. So, to be honest - I just enjoy the writing process, finding the right words, and seamlessly weaving in the stories I've learned about you two. Thanks to performing improv, I feel at ease in front of a crowd. I'll make sure to deliver the words with just the right amount of emotion, levity, and grace to make all of your guests (and you two!) feel comfortable and included.
  • Do you mail in our signed marriage license?
    Yes! I'll take care of submitting your signed marriage license following the ceremony. Most counties then require you to request your completed marriage certificate, and the timeframe for receiving those varies county by county.
  • Do you travel?
    I'm based in the Atlanta area and include travel in the metro area within my service. However, I love to travel, and my ordination is recognized in many states outside of Georgia. Please inquire if you're interested!
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