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Personalized Ceremony

You and your partner are unique, so your wedding ceremony should be, too! We'll meet and talk about you two as a couple and how you want your ceremony to feel, and then I'll get to writing! Everything is 100% customized for you.


Having a rehearsal? Cool, I'll be there! Rehearsals are usually about 30 minutes long and serve to make sure everyone feels comfortable on the day of. No need to worry about where to stand or the order of the ceremony!

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Marriage License

After the ceremony, I'll sign and return your marriage license - including sending you a quick shot of it going into the mailbox at the post office! Bask in the post-wedding glow and don't sweat the paperwork!

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Feeling like you'd rather skip the big wedding and have an intimate ceremony instead? Whether it's just you two or you invite your closest family and friends, let's chat about how to make your romantic elopement as personal as possible.


There is no room for hate here! I strongly believe in every couple's right to marry and will happily perform a wedding ceremony for any couple. As a supporter of civil liberties and love for all, it would be an honor to be a part of your ceremony.

Heather Lynn Gonzalez
Non-Religious or Interfaith

You don't need to be in a church to have a wedding! I'm ordained in the state of Georgia and many states throughout the US, so I'm here whether you want a light and fun or a romantic and sentimental wedding ceremony.

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